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Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School strengthens scholars, families, and ultimately the communities that support them. Education creates real and immediate impact that can absolutely change the trajectory of our young people’s lives. Start a new tradition of giving, and support our scholars today!


Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School: Preparing Students for Success in College and Beyond

Much like the students we serve need our support, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School needs support from people like you. In order to continue to bring our restorative practice and arts-infused curriculum to current and future scholars, we depend on gifts from generous individuals who are just as invested in the future success of these children and their communities as we are.

Why Should I Give?

Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School helps to prepare children for success in college and beyond with a unique curriculum that emphasizes social development and the arts, in addition to traditional academics. Our approach has led to an impressive success rate, with many of our scholars not only being accepted to prestigious colleges, but also earning college credit before they ever leave our halls. Many of our scholars would not have otherwise had the same opportunities presented to them, and it is our hope that they will return to their communities following college and use their education and social skills to reform these underprivileged areas on a large scale.