Our Stories

"Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School - A Day in the Life"


My name is Sokona and I am a first grader in Ms. Fox’s homeroom! I come to school pretty early because breakfast starts at 7:30. After my friends and I eat breakfast, we go to the carpet for morning meeting where we get ready for the day. I love morning meeting because each student gets to share something with the class. Next up is PE or dance. In dance class we are practicing our tap dancing for a performance in front of our parents and the rest of the school. When we get back to the classroom, we have a long ELA block where we work on phonics, reading, and writing. My favorite part is writing because I get to write my own stories and opinions! After writing, we have recess where we get to choose an activity. I always choose drawing or dancing. When recess and lunch are over we break into small groups and move to different reading stations. This is my favorite part of the day! Sometimes I play reading games on my laptop, pick out books in the classroom library, or read with Ms. Fox at her desk. After my last reading station, I get ready for math. During math time, we meet at the carpet to learn something new and then move to our desks to try it on our own. We use cubes, counters, and other materials to help us solve problems. I love when we break into our math small groups because we get to play math games and even sometimes use our laptops. My last block of the day is Social Studies with Ms. Spellen where we talk about ourselves and our community. At the end of the day, I say goodbye to my teachers and friends and pack up for 4:00 pm dismissal. Every day in first grade is a new adventure!

— Sonka 1st Grade

Hi, my name is Jada! I’m a sixth grader at Met. I started way back in first grade and have been moving up ever since. Our day is really busy, but a lot of fun. Since I am in middle school, I get to interact with many teachers and learn from different styles. My teachers are really awesome and I appreciate all they do to help me. We start off our day in the cafeteria for breakfast and then go upstairs to homeroom before the 8:00 bell. During homeroom, we have morning circle where we meet as a homeroom to discuss anything that may be going on. Sometimes, we just share about our weekends, but sometimes we have to talk about more serious things that have happened. We always have our talking piece to make sure everyone has a turn! After homeroom, we jump right into Math. In math, we do a lot of problem solving in groups and my teacher gives us a short lesson before we practice the math. My mom tells me math has changed a lot over the years, but I actually like it! After math class, we have Math SGI. Math SGI is where we work in small groups on what we are needing to learn. I know all of my friends learn differently, so we often are doing different things. Next, we have Social Studies. My social studies teacher is so much fun! We do a lot of interactive work with the chromebooks. There are the Kahoot quizzes, Google classroom projects, and my favorite: class debates. My teacher always makes us read different perspectives and then choose a side to debate. Even though I get nervous sometimes, it is a lot of fun! For ELA, we do a ton of reading! My teacher is always making us annotate the text, find the gist, and work on writing. My writing has gotten so much better in the past couple of years. Just like in math, we have the SGI block to practice where we need. Finally, we have Science. I didn’t use to like science, but now I really love it. We do experiments both on the computers and in the classroom. It’s really cool to practice it on the computer in class and then the next day to actually do it in class! I can’t forget about PE, Dance, and lunch, but I bet you can guess how that is. Our days are really busy, but I love being a Met scholar!

— Jada 6th Grade