Teacher Core Values

We are scholar-centered

Our primary focus is on our kids and student achievement. We believe that all students can learn and achieve.

We are positive and fun

We look to bring the good out of everything. We celebrate the success of our scholars and ourselves.

We are solutions-oriented achievers
We don’t wait for an issue to arise. We take the initiative and make it happen. When provided with a challenge, we look for a creative solutions,

We practice consistent communication

We work well with and contribute to the teams we are a part of. Our communication is respectful, assumptive of best intent, and productive.

We are selfless in our work
Not one of us can do it alone. We are working towards the greater good of our scholars and the school as a whole.

We take ownership in our work

We own our results, regardless of what they say. We recognize that all kids are our kids and it is our job to find a way to make them successful.

Everyone is a literacy teacher
Literacy is the foundation of all parts of our school.

We exhibit urgent enthusiasm.
The work we do requires a sense of urgency and consistent hard work. We are enthusiastic about Met and work to project that enthusiasm onto our scholars and peers.

We are reflective

We are reflective to feedback from different sources. We are lifetime learners and work to constantly improve.

We demonstrate trust
We trust our team and work to show we value everyone’s contribution.

We are collaborative
Collaboration is formal and informal, with teachers and scholars consistently supporting one another to reach our school goals.

We believe in high expectations for all
We believe that all scholars can learn and attain high levels of achievement. Every scholar, regardless of current level, is exposed to rigorous content by differentiating challenging curricula and providing rewarding learning experiences.