Our Approach

At Metropolitan Lighthouse, we educate tomorrow’s leaders. We believe in the infinite potential of our students. And we believe our responsibility is to guide our students to discover their strengths and refine their weaknesses. We accomplish this by modeling and teaching self-discipline, setting high expectations, and genuinely caring for the students under our stewardship.

What We Expect

Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School believes that attention to social/emotional and soft skills development is as important as the academic curriculum. We support our scholars in their capacity to engage collaboratively, be disciplined in their academic and personal pursuits, and contribute in meaningful ways to their community.

Code of Conduct

Hallway Harmony

We create and sustain a learning environment where everyone can learn and to ensure safety in the building.

Unforgivable Words

Met is a safe space and we don’t say things that put others down or hurt people.

Phone Free Zone

Phones are a large distraction to learning. Phones are expensive and should be in a safe place (locker or backpack) throughout the day.

Keep Our Home Clean

It is important to take care of the space where you learn and spend most of your day. It is respectful to the custodial staff when we are able to clean up after ourselves in the building.

Look The Part

Uniforms allow scholars to focus on learning and not clothing.

One Voice

When one person speaks at a time, each voice and opinion can be heard. Respectful communication involves both speaking and listening.

Warm And Welcoming

Consistently being kind in our interactions helps people develop relationships.

Littles First

Younger scholars need more space and time to navigate the stairways and hallways. It is safer to allow them to go first.


Healthy competition in spaces where we can feel safe winning or losing makes us stronger and builds a growth mindset


We believe in the profound impact an educator can have on the life of a child. Great teachers cause a ripple effect that supports scholars well beyond the years they spend in that teacher’s classroom. At Metropolitan Lighthouse, we challenge our teachers to create amazing learning spaces and experiences for scholars that will stay with them for life. 

Our teachers understand that scholars from historically underperforming communities need educators who are fully committed to their growth over time. They don’t allow external factors and previous performance determine future performance.

Click here for more information on our Met teachers core values.

Safe Environment

We believe that structure and creativity work in concert with each other. In order for scholars to take risks and be active participants in the learning process, we have to create classroom environments that are predictable, orderly, and physically and emotionally safe. In order to achieve this, we implement the following practices:
  • Maintain small class sizes of 20 to 24 scholars.
  • Apply clear and consistent routines across school and grade levels.
  • Abide by a school uniform policy 
  • Expect our scholars to adhere to defined norms and values.
  • Employ a director to oversee and uphold our school culture.

To and Through College

College matriculation and graduation is the ultimate goal for every scholar who walks through our doors. Our college and career counselors support students in choosing the right college and career pathway. Even after scholars enter college, our dedicated alumni coaches will continue to work closely with our alumni to ensure they thrive and persist.