College Prep Academy (9-12)

The College Prep Academy is an incubator for our future thought leaders, innovators, and discoverers. Students in the ninth through twelfth grades receive the support, guidance, and tools they need to make and achieve life and educational goals. Metropolitan Lighthouse is proud to be a launching pad for a rising generation full of promise.


About Us

At MetCPA we will prepare our scholars for the rigors of the 21st Century by engaging all scholars in authentic learning experiences that meet the highest academic and ethical standards in a caring, collaborative learning community supported through partnerships with businesses, higher education, and civic organizations.


Key Programs in our CPA Curriculum include:

Teachers as Champions:
Advisory at Metropolitan CPA hinges on strong relationships that are built between students and the teachers who serve as their advisors and champions. Our small school setting will allow these relationships to build over time, developing life skills, and directly impacting our scholars and their successes matriculating and graduation from college and beyond.

Project Based Learning
Teachers design authentic learning experiences that encourage a depth of content mastery through creative, engaging and student-centered activities. We utilize technology and the arts as tools to help scholars develop a deeper understanding of the content they need to learn.

Metropolitan Business Academy-Utilizing the High School of Business Curriculum framework, the MBA (Metropolitan Business Academy) track is one of two CTE academic offerings offered to students in grades 10-12. The MBA track is an accelerated series of course work that challenges students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, and economics projects and problems.

School Organization-Learning
Met CPA is personalized based on the specific scholar need. This is achieved by a low student to teacher ratio (17 to 1 in the 9th grade); extensive and constant teacher support and coaching; targeted teacher practice to support individual students’ needs.

College and Career Readiness
Domains of College and Career Readiness include: Core academic knowledge and skills, Key Behaviors and Attitudes, Career-Specific Knowledge and Skills. We will prepare our scholars for the academic and social-emotional skills and strategies that will support them as they move beyond k-12 education.

Learning leadership skills at MetCPA allows a student to develop the ability to guide others toward goal achievement in all areas of life. Social-emotional, reasoning, and self-development skills are essential for students to learn and practice to become successful leaders.

Metropolitan Information Technology
In an effort to make all students 21st Century ready, MetCPA affords scholars the opportunity to elect study within the MIT (Metropolitan Information Technology) elective track. These progressive elective credits will take students through the fundamentals of computer usage and programs necessary for academic success through programming, and ultimately offering students an opportunity to take the AP Computer Science A exam.

Our Mission

Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School has a singular mission to prepare students from the Metropolitan for college, career, and life.